foto de los Gul

Lanii Gul Project

Metamorfosis Documentation Project is starting the process of the developing of another collaborative Project in Teotitlán del Valle. A preliminary proposal has been presented to the “Centro Cultural Comunitario de Teotitlan del Valle” and we are now in the first stages in the developing of a project to document the celebration of Gul.
Gul is a Zapotec word meaning “old” and in the context of this fiesta refers to the ancestors. It is a mythical, social and political ritual, ceremony and fiesta of great significance, in which the ancestors return to counsel the community leaders and party with the whole community.

Although we are continuing with the planning stages of this new Project, unfortunately the current COVID-19 pandemic has obligated us to hit the “pause” button on the in-person collaboration with the community. Please follow us on our Facebook page for details as we progress in its development.